has three parts:
Skills, Performance and the Pianopalooza Journey .    In order to win in the arena the performer must overcome a myriad of performance issues.  Sections on performance development include:

                           •  Brum                                                        Centering

                           •  Proverbs                                                   I  will make Mistakes

                           •  Golf                                                          “The Freak”

                           •  Piano Players and Pianists                            …’s a small, small world …..

                           •  Master Motivators                                       “Kick their Butts”

                           •  More Bo                                                     Dreams and positive thoughts

                           •  Breathe                                                      Timeless

                           •  Complete Thoughts                                     Relentless

                           •  Herb                                                        •  There’s only 1 Bass

                           •  Proactive Performance                                 No Distractions

                           •  Reagan and Speech-making                          Pull-back

                           •  Audiences                                                    Richie

                           •  In the Womb                                                Stereotypes

                                                                                                Willie and Stacy


Below are some short excerpts from Performance:


                   ………’s a small, small world ….
Have you ever been to Fantasyland at a Disney Park?  If you’ve experienced the attraction: "it’s a small world," my guess is that it left an impression.  Is that piece STILL playing in your head?  Do you suffer from Disney’s version of musical water torture?  Did you try to jump out of the boat and swim to safety? Does that song ever end?!!

Hopefully you can relate the attraction to a positive mindset about initiating a performance.  To reduce some performance anxieties try to:

                Imagine that the song/piece that you are about to perform is just another verse in the                       middle of an endless song.  

                Imagine that the start of the game is actually the midpoint and you’ve already been  playing                 for an hour

I witnessed Albert experiencing a “small, small world” moment one evening prior to a performance.  He was totally focused and humming the piece to himself the minutes prior to his performance. He was already in the mood of the music before he entered the stage.


                       Dreams and positive thoughts


A positive performer dreams with a positive mind set. Peter Ganshirt Psy.D.  is a Sports Psychologist who works with the Bengals.  Peter has performed significant research on peak emotional performance. In a team meeting one day, he shared his research with the team.  Peter proposed  a list of positive words for the players to consider for their emotional approach to competition:


Confident                            Energetic                             Calm                   Anger   

Alert                                   Determined                          Fearless               Aggressive

Bold                                    Unhurried                             Motivated           Fierce   

Stimulated                           Thrilled                                Satisfied             Resolute             

Pleased                                Exhilarated                           Focused             Dominant


He also posed a list of words that elicit negative competitive responses:


Afraid                                 Tense                                  Anxious                  Dispirited                    

Dissatisfied                         Panicky                                Tired                     Lazy     

Indecisive                           Uncertain                             Apprehensive          Scared                           

Confused                            Worried                               Sluggish                  Apathy                              

Irritated                               Frustrated                           Doubtful                 Weary


Obviously, the exercise involved replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts to create positive energy.


                                     “Become the change you want to see in the world”


My high school coach was a great motivator.  One time he told our team:

 “Think and dream positively,” instructed my coach, “you will become what you dream about.”

I was terrified by Coach’s suggestion.

I was afraid that I would become a girl…….